The famous “Million Mile Motor"

Ford Power Stroke 7.3L engines are nearly classic. A favorite of Ford truck lovers everywhere, and a specialty of ours. Do you own one of the nearly 2 million 7.3's produced from International’s Indianapolis plant by Ford? Maybe in an Econoline van or heavy-duty pickup? It’s direct-injected and turbo-charged and it led the way in electronically-controlled diesel engines for years to follow.

   For those who use this powerful turbo diesel engine every day, consistent performance is almost something that is taken for granted. Not surprising, considering this particular model established new heights in Ford’s reputation. Especially for building motors with above-average reliability and performance.

   A direct injection (HEUI) motor with a cast iron engine block, the Ford Power Stroke 7.3 liter engine debuted in 1994. It scored 210 maximum horsepower initially, but this was increased to 275 hp by 2003. Along with that change came a comparable increase in peak torque as well.

7.3 /T 44E 1999 - 2002 Long Block $4495.00

Short Block $3395.00

Core $750

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