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If you’ve done business with us give us some feedback, Fill out the form below and your message will be featured on this page, also if you’d like to send us pictures of your Truck in action, we’ll post them. Site updates frequently, so keep checking back to see if you’re our featured customer.

“J&K made me a strong 6.0 bored out and bullet proofed. Runs strong as hell. They have given me outstanding customer service, if you want a strong engine and personable customer service J&K will take great care of you.Thank you Jack & Keith!”
-Richard Redmond

“Product is trustworthy sale, shipment and quality is excellent highly recommend”
-Troy Toaldo | Plant Manager at Berks Can Company

“Hello Everyone!

My experience with J&K has been nothing short of amazing. I found them after looking online. I had suffered a catastrophic failure when a lifter came apart, and as anyone who knows about a Powerstroke, it doesn’t take long for the whole system to be affected. My local dealer had just told me, replacing my motor with a new one would run me about $18,000.”

“After talking with Jack, explaining what actually happened, he gave me the reasons why. Jack & Keith have put together a product that has my truck running better and smoother than new. The acceleration and torque is amazing to say the least, and if you use the programmer that they supply to you, it gets scary. I have put on 24,000 miles in the past year and have had not one issue, not one. You won’t be disappointed, and you will gain Jack, Keith & Debbie as friends.

P.S. All said and done, transferring parts after cleaning, some new upgrades and new sensors attached to their product, I did it for around $11,000.”

-Fred | York, PA

“I purchased an engine for j&k in April of 2013. I have put approximately 5000 miles on it sense then. I have to say that I AM WE’LL SATISFIED with the performance and running of the new engine, I really didn’t want to purchase a new truck. So thank u to Mr. Jack and Mr. Keith for taken care of me. # happy 6.0 owner now.”


“This is the best company we have ever had to deal with, very understanding, caring and was always there to answer any questions we had. my truck runs so much better now with the new motor i will always tell all my friends about this company and how wonderful they are YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE GREAT”


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